Hello Readers

Dear Readers,

Hi this is Julia and Margaret, and we are two school students working on a school project (see about for more information on the project). This blog is going to be like a online book club based off of opinions, and we would greatly enjoy your help in this project like creating thoughtful discussions. Now we would like to say a few things about ourselves.

Julia- I like to read action books and historical fiction. I know it’s kind of depressing, but I enjoy the books when the main characters are faced with a problem, for instance a death of a family member, and must overcome that problem. For example, I enjoy reading the books The Outside of a Horse and Revolution. I have another blog alwaysbeenchanted.wordpress.com so if you enjoy this blog, I hope you check out this one.

Margaret- I am a big reader, especially of mystery books! My favorite mystery books being anything by Agatha Christie. If you are looking for a page-turning mystery then you should defininently read And Then There Were None. I am really into photography and music, so there will be a lot of that in my posts. I hope you guys enjoy reading my posts, and if you do (fingers crossed) then you can check out my other blog, http://www.mittensscarvesandboots.wordpress.com .

The books we will be discussing are: The Girl is Murder, Smile, Between Shades of Gray, Little Women, Tender at the Bone, 19 Varieties of Gazelles, and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. 

Thanks for your participation,

~Julia and Margaret

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