Starting our project: The Girl is Murder

Hi readers,

“‘If you’re seen, if they know where to find you, some of them will do whatever they can to make sure you don’t do your job'”(61 Haines). This is what Iris, the main character from The Girl is Murder, is up against while trying to help her Pop. This is from the first book we will be discussing, The Girl is Murder by Kathryn Miller Haines. This book is set in 1942, New York City. Iris’ Pop has been sent home from the war on account of his severely injured leg. He can no longer operate his detective agency, a fact that is completely obvious to Iris, despite his refusal to accept help. Regardless of Pop’s refusal, Iris continues to work undercover. And it isn’t hard to stray away from trouble, especially when the disappearance that Pop is working on, is about a boy named Tom Barney. A boy who goes to Iris’ school.  

Hope you enjoy this book.

~Julia and Margaret

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