Pride is a Dangerous Thing

Hi Everybody,

This is our initial comparison post about Girl is Murder, and the prompt we have chosen to discuss is “Pride.” This is because despite having been seriously injured in World War 2 Pop refuses to take Iris’ offer to help him in his Detective Agency, due to his pride. He wants to convince himself that nothing is changed, that he is still the same strong, independent man he was before the war. Although deep down inside he probably knows that Iris could really help him out.

Julia- Pr.11:2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. (NIV). I feel as if this quote describes Iris’s dad immensely. In this book, her dad refuses his brother’s help or Iris’. Iris’ dad wants to become a Private Investigator on his own, but this ends up to be more trouble then he expects. For one thing, he only has one leg! This is keeping him from finding the information he needs for his cases. His family is in dire need of money, but he is still to proud to accept any health or sympathy. He doesn’t want the help or sympathy of his brother, joining his big-name detective agency. He also doesn’t want the help of his daughter, who just wants to help get the bills paid. Because of this, Iris gets into a whole lot of trouble. Pop disgraces himself because of his pride.

Margaret- “Pride is the mask of one’s own faults”-Jewish proverb

Pop has put up a mask of pride, hiding Iris from understanding what he is truly feeling. He knows that once he accepts her help in the Detective Agency, then she will be able to see how much the war has torn him up inside. He still has pride in himself, or at least the man that he once was, and pride enough not to accept in teenaged daughter’s help. To him this  means that he is okay. However, this pride is actually hurting him. Acting more like a sword than a mask. He isn’t making enough money to support Iris, he is becoming very closed-off, and moody, not the father figure that Iris needs.  Yet, I feel like this story has two sides (get it…) This isn’t all Pop’s fault, Iris has too much pride and over confidence in herself. She dismisses Pop’s answers, because she thinks that she can do it. She doesn’t take that extra moment to see the pain in Pop’s eyes, or the kind things that Pop still tries to do for her. She has too much pride to stop, and to step down from the fight.

For this reading our question to you is….

Whose pride hurts him or her the most, Iris or Pop?

~Julia and Margaret

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