The Last Thing One Remembers is the End

Hey people,

Today there is another blog post about The Girl Is Murder. How would you have ended the story? Rewrite/summarize the ending and explain why this ending would be better (in you opinion).

Julia: Below is the start of the ending that I would have written. The book is all about finding out about Tom’s disappearance/ murder, so why end it with him just dying in the military like the book does. It was partially Grace to blame, but most of it was done on Tom’s own account. The story had a very dramatic plot, so it should be ended with something more dramatic than being killed in the military, for sadly, many in the military die in war/practice. In my ending, Grace Dunwitty would tell Tom to meet her in an unsafe area where she is sure he would be hurt then show him up. Suza and Rhona would somewhat forgive Iris and  find their revenge on Grace. It is dramatic, has a twist in the ending, and still makes sense with the rest of the story. Here is my start to my ending:

His words rang in my ears as my mouth dropped. “He’s dead?” I had thought he was dead, but hearing it made me finally realize the truth. “But how dad? Did that awful Josephine do something to him?”

“No, whoever this Josephine is, she had nothing to do with it. He was killed by a drunk man on the street a few hours from here. It is a small town, so the news didn’t travel very much. The poor boy died with a note in his pocket from Grace Dunwitty, your friend from Chapin.”

I couldn’t believe my old friend Grace would have done such a thing. She set him up to be killed. Knowing the truth, I almost wished I was still oblivious of these facts. I didn’t know what Rhona or Suze would say, if they would even talk to me, but I know they would be pretty mad like I was right now. The words Grace killed him rolled around my brain until I couldn’t take it anymore. I just lost it….

Margaret: I really didn’t like the ending, it had no sense of a climax. There were all these dramatic plot twists, and character involvement, and then you figure out that Tom died in the military training. Here is how I would would have ending it if I were the author.

I stared in horror at the body floating in the water. Pop squeezed my shoulder, he was shaking. Tom’s folks were crying and then I saw Grace. She ran towards the police, towards the water. It had been Josephine. How had I not seen it, it would always be the foul girl. Forget me, how had Grace not realized that her best friend, would seriously do anything to get rid of Tom. Had Grace truly been blind, or had she put the blinders up herself.

I would be furious with my former friend, if she were not sobbing at the side of the river, screaming his name. After the police had gotten the body, they uncovered a letter in his hands, a letter from Josephine.

How many times do I need to tell you, Grace doesn’t love you. She never has and she never will. It was a joke, she was only messing with you. And like the fool you are, you fell for it. So go away, never come back. Because if you do, she won’t want you.

Pops nudged me “I know that she has not been a good friend Iris, but she needs you now.” I nodded, and hurried down. I put my arm around her shaking body and told her that it wasn’t her fault. “It is….O God….if I hadn’t been friends with her….he would be alive.” I knew it was true, but right now she didn’t to hear the magnitude of what had happened, she just needed comfort.

How would you have explained Tom’s disappearance if you were the author?

~Julia and Margaret

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One Response to The Last Thing One Remembers is the End

  1. gpro19235 says:

    Wow those are both really good endings, I don’t know how I would have ended it

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