It’s Time To Face the Critics


Here are our reviews on The Girl Is Murder. What are you thoughts or opinions on it?

Julia: My Review:

                                                                                              I gave The Girl Is Murder 3/5 stars. I gave it 3/5 stars because a couldn’t put it down the second I started reading. This mystery novel hooked me from the start as I went along with Iris on her journey to figure out where Tom has gone. However, this book only went downhill from there. While this dramatic novel started with many unexpected twists, the ending was boring and dull. Since this was a mystery novel, the answer to the mystery is one of the most important part. The book was spoiled for me because of the ending. 

Margaret: My Review:

I decided to give The Girl is Murder 2 out of 5 stars. I gave it is this rating because I was seriously disappointed with the ending. There are all of these thrilling discoveries that we make as the reader, and we don’t know, did someone kill Tom, was he in hiding? And then you figure out that Tom died in military practice, because Grace had told him to. It was a serious let-down. However the author did a really nice job shaping all the characters, and using phrases of the time in the dialogue. If you are solely interested in a historically accurate read then go for it, but for mystery fans leave it on the shelves.

If any of you have read this book, then please feel free to leave a review in the comments bar. We would love to hear your opinion on the book.

Get excited for our next book!

-Julia and Margaret

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