Becoming a Brace-Face

Hey readers,

As our first post for smile we are uploading our own original artwork that shows how having braces affects the way that Raina sees herself. Even though it’s only a bit of metal on her teeth, to Raina it is so much more.

Julia: In this picture, Raina had just gotten her new braces and people are swarming around her just to see them. During this, Raina’s friends are making fun of her because of her braces. In this picture, Raina’s friends are bigger than her symbolizing the more power they have. Because of this, Raina lets her friends push her around. There is also a black cloud at the top to symbolize Raina’s sorrows. Raina is so sad about her braces, feeling as if they made her look dorky and like a little kid. Lastly, Raina’s hair is in a pony tail unlike her friends’ hair. This is referring to a comment made by one of her friends calling her hair styles little kiddish. I hope you like my drawing, even if it is only a couple stick figures.

A picture from Raina's perspective

I am showing a diary page from Raina’s point of view. She worries about her braces, her hair, and just being popular. She wants to fit in with her friends, what I thought was really sad was how nonsupporting her friends were. She was dealing with so much stress from all of her orthodontic treatments, and they were rarely kind to her. They told her off about how nerdy her braces made her look, and if that wasn’t enough they made fun of her trademark pigtails. And because she had a very little confidence in herself she never stood up to them.

Why do you think Raina stays with her friends even though they are rude to her, and don’t give her any support?

~Julia and Margaret

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3 Responses to Becoming a Brace-Face

  1. She desperately wants to belong. 😦

  2. 2sidestory says:

    I know, it’s terrible how far people go to fit in. I was so happy when Raina finally stood up for herself!
    ~Julia and Margaret

  3. lakegurl says:


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