Inspired by the Games

Hey readers,

Going along with all the hype about the Hunger Games, we have decided to have a song of the week. This week, the song is inspired by the games.



Now if you were in charge of making the soundtrack, what songs would you put on?

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7 Responses to Inspired by the Games

  1. Cara Olsen says:

    I was finally able to see this movie yesterday! I thought the production did a splendid job adapting the novel into a film. The lead actress is incredible (Loved her in the newest X-Men). The reviews were fulsome, from the lack of cinematography, shaky camera work, to poor acting, but my high expectations were met in full! Did you like it?

    Taylor Swift — simply lovely. I listen to her songs while working out and feel the most wonderful mix of feminine empowerment and hopeful romance. “Enchanted” is one of my favorite songs. Hm . . . you know, I think The Civil War’s rich, mellifluous sound would lend itself nicely to The Hunger Games soundtrack; perfect for those tender moments between Katniss and Peeta. Have you heard of them?


  2. 2sidestory says:

    Yeah, actually Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars collaborated on a really lovely song called Safe and Sound. It was the song they played during the ending credits of the movie. If you are interested in music videos the one for Safe and Sound is excellent, and Hunger Games inspired. Hope you enjoy!

    ~Julia and Margaret

  3. bipolarmuse says:

    Iris is an amazing song… and the name of my youngest daughter.
    This song I relate to my children as I don’t have custody of them. ♥
    Thank you for this post… brought me happy tears to hear this song again…

    • 2sidestory says:

      I am so glad that what I posted touched you like that, it is one of my all time favorite songs. So beautiful and heartfelt, and I think that it is a beautiful name. When I was little and played pretend that was always the name I chose ❤ Margaret

  4. lakegurl says:

    I’d pick one day by matisyahu (ft Akon) it was one of my favorite songs last year, and it’s amazing. Not joking gives me chills every time I listen. Idk if it quite works with hunger games but I’ll let u decide.

  5. 2sidestory says:

    One Day is an amazing song and I think thr message of stopping the fighting is totally relevant to the Hunger Games!

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