Who Are You?


What Character in Little Women do you feel that you are most like and why? To figure out if your undecided, take the quiz below.


Julia : I think that I am most Josephine (Jo) March. She is daring, adventurous, and a huge tomboy who loves to write. Like Jo I (somewhat) like to write and am on the Power of the Pen team at my school along with Margaret. I also have always loved the things that Jo has like horseback riding and climbing trees. I also have a temper like Jo does, except I rarely use it other than on my brother. She doesn’t care much about vanities, money, or her looks. I agree with some of that but I do care about my looks, clothes, and other things like that. 


I feel like I am Beth, the shy, caring and kind March sister. While being more outgoing the Beth, I do close myself off around strangers, and get embarrassed very easily. I love my family and would do absolutely anything for them. Also I am passionate about music just like Beth, playing the piano, the harp and the guitar. If I could be remembered for anything it would be being a kind person, loyal and supportive, and I feel like that’s what Beth would want too. Unlike Beth, I can sometimes get stressed out and negative, Beth truly does live every day to the fullest, and I wish that I was more like her in this way. Full of smiles, humming music at all times, and a true friend and family member, I am most like Beth.

Thanks so much and we hope to hear which March sister you are!

~Julia and Margaret

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One Response to Who Are You?

  1. gpro19235 says:

    That is so cool that you play the harp Margaret!

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