Trying Something New: Poetry

Hey world,

Since it was national poetry month and we are both writers, we decided we’d experiment with some poetry. We decided we would try and write some poetry about color and the nature. We would be thrilled to read some of your original poetry, or some poetry that you love.


Waking up,
Silence I hear
Reflecting on my Life,
Black, white, gray,
Morning is silent,
Without chirping of Birds
And buzzing of Bees,
Makes me wish for the days of yesterday,
Looking out my window
Seeing the Parking Lot
That used to be Trees,
Tears flooding my eyes
All Trees in museums
And Animals extinct
We are our own enemies.


yellow rainboots
splish splashing 
rays of sunshine in the rain
pink blossoms
shyly poking out
into welcome arms of spring
I step out 
into spring
barefoot in the grass
even though it’s raining

~Julia and Margaret

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12 Responses to Trying Something New: Poetry

  1. Great work ladies!!
    Julia: I really like “Seeing the parking lot that used to be trees” and the last line “We are our own enemies” it really acknowledges how humans destroy and take away from this earth. It also connects well because earth day is next week.
    Margaret: I adore the line “yellow rainboots, splish splashing, rays of sunshine in the rain” it reminds me of my childhood.

  2. 2sidestory says:

    Thanks it really means a lot to have feedback on our writing!
    ~Julia and Margaret

  3. lakegurl says:

    Guys those are gr8! Like when we did a poetry slam in p.o.p I think both of yours would work perfectly, margaret I loved the springs feeling.

  4. Elle says:

    I really like these poems! I’m looking forward to reading more. Love the part “Makes me wish for the days of yesterday”.

    P.S. Thanks for the comments and likes on my blog. Appreciate it!

  5. earthslang says:

    These are really good! I love the wistfulness and nostalgia of the first poem and the unadultered freshness and vivid imagery of the second. They go really well together.

  6. atothewr says:

    It’s like dueling banjos, but with poems. I like it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    A great place for poems is here:

    His stuff is always great.

  7. gajenn says:

    I love the splash of color with “yellow rainboots” – very evocative visual!

  8. 2sidestory says:

    I was just inspired by my childhood and I wanted to represent that in my poem.

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