Decision Making Time Again

Hey again,

Today we are talking about Jo’s decision to marry Professor Bhaer. If you were Jo, would you choose Laurie, Professor Bhaer, or neither?

Julia: If I was Jo, I would have chosen Laurie. From the instant they met each other, they just clicked. They knew so much about each other and it was obvious that there was chemistry. When Jo left to become the governess, she explained how they were becoming to found of each other and wouldn’t make a good couple. The truth is, she was running away from their love cause she didn’t think it would work. In love, it doesn’t matter how you would work together as long as there was love. 

Margaret: How do you not choose Laurie? I mean he is kind, friendly, loyal, and funny. He grew up with Jo, and was always right by her side. I know that reading the scene where Jo tells Laurie no, broke my heart. I desperately wanted them together, they were so perfect. But at the end of the day, I’m not Jo. If she loved Professor Bhaer more than Laurie, who am I to tell her she’s wrong.

Who would you choose?

~Julia and Margaret

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