Decisions, Decisions

Hey world!

Right now we are discussing Meg’s decision of choosing Mr. Brooke over her Aunt’s money. If you were Meg, would you take your Aunt’s money or the man?

Julia: If I were Meg, I would choose her Aunt’s money. It’s not that I would choose money over love (cause I would indeed choose love over money), but it didn’t seem as if Meg really knew him that well or really love him. I get that after defending him, she started to like him, but that doesn’t mean that you’d go ahead and get married to a man that  you barely know.

Margaret: If I were Meg I would have given it some time before making a decision. She hardly knew John Brooks and rushed into marriage. But I don’t think she should have dismissed him so that she could get wealthy from her aunt. She should have waited and seen if she truly loved John, if she did than she could marry him. If she didn’t love him then she could keep looking.

What would you choose?

~Julia and Margaret

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