People Change, and so do I


Character development is a key factor in all stories. All the characters in Little Women change throughout the book. By the end of the book, which character are you most like and why? Why has the character you are most like changed (if it did)?

Julia: I still think that I would be most like Jo. While I don’t agree with many of her decisions, I’m still a hot head who wants to do something to help others (like when Jo organized that school at the end of the book) and isn’t afraid about not always being lady-like. I still enjoying reading and writing as Jo still did. The main reason, though, is because I am not like any other of the little women. I am not like little Beth because I would not just give up on my life. I am not like Meg, because I would not go spending money without permission or doing all these things just to impress richer friends who won’t take me as I am. I am not like Amy cause I don’t have the same ambitions as her or the same state of mind. Therefore, I am most like Jo still.

Margaret: I think at the end of the book I am most like Amy. At the beginning I was most like Beth. Cheerful, musical, and a bit shy, but she loses her personality through the illness and becomes a ghost of her former self. When I picked up the book and began reading I hated Amy, she was a snob and a brat. She was obsessed with popularity and being wealthy, she even destroyed Jo’s book of writing. However she changes at the end to a focused and ambitious young lady, she

Who are you most like?

~Julia and Margaret

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