Fighting Against Stereotypes

Junior lives to different lives. He has to be the perfect, stereotypical Indian for his parents and the rest of the Indians on the reservation. Junior has to be the perfect little student during school for his friends. Even so, he is still judged for being an Indian or going to a “white” kid school. Here are some original poems that explain how we would feel in that situation.


Just Me

Torn between two lives,
Mine and everyone else’s expectations.
They tell me who to be,
How to dress,
What to do.
But I am me,
Just regular old me.
Not a perfect Indian,
Not a perfect school boy,
Maybe somewhere in between,
But I’m no where near perfect,
So stop expecting
Me to be perfect.
I am me
Not you,
Not perfect,
Just me



what I am supposed to be
what I am
I want to be accepted
but instead I am mocked
and taunted
my eyes never leave the ground
and I end up hating myself
filling to the brim with wishes
about a better me
can’t change the face that the mirror shows
it’s mine

How do you think Junior would feel?

Any original poetry, or other poetry that fits the theme would be fantastic.

~Julia and Margaret

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