How is hope important to Arnold and to life in general? Where are some instances where Arnold has hope?

Julia: I think that without hope, we get nowhere in life. Without hope, there is nothing worthwhile. This is also true in Arnold’s life. When Arnold’s teacher comes and tells him to go to the other school and that he is the only one on this reservation with hope, Arnold is feeling hopeless. Feeling hopeless is completely different from hopelessness. Even though Arnold is feeling scared, there is a bit of hope for a better life fueling him towards going to that scary school off the reservation. Like the teacher said,”You’re going to find more and more hope the farther and farther you walk away from this sad, sad reservation.” While Arnold may not have the most hope, he has hope as he walks away from the reservation everyday in hope for a better life then his fellow Indians on the reservation.

Margaret: Junior (whose real name is Arnold) is a little ray of hope shining through on his reservation, but not one that is accepted. On the reservation he is made fun of and beaten up, yet he has motivation that keeps him going. It is that one day he will have a better life, and he will have made something great out of himself. Growing up this is never something I have had to worry about. I am very fortunate to have people that support me  and help me to be my best. Junior is really without this advice, he doesn’t have a support system. Even his parents aren’t always there. But Junior goes his own way, he doesn’t wait for hope to come find him, he goes and gets it himself.

What are you thoughts?

~Julia and Margaret

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