How Important is food?

Hey food-lovers

Food is an important thing in Ruth Reichl’s life. How do you think food helped Ruth Reichl stay grounded throughout the book?

Julia: In life, I think that there is always something that a person has to count on in life. There is always something that a person loves and would never give up. It’s that one thing that makes yourself you. For Reichl, food and cooking is definitely¬†that thing. In her life, she could never truly count on anything with her wild mother and ever-changing life, but food was always there for her. Whenever she needed to be calmed down or just wanted to have some fun, she’d turn to food and cook. Reichl had food as a stress reliever, and this helped her make it through rough times or have fun in the moment.

Margaret: Ruth Reichl definitely did not grow up in your “normal” household. Her mother poisoned dinner guests, moved the family to France, and then left Reichl on her own, when she was still a teenager. With all of these crazy changes, Reichl needed something to hold to, and that was food. With food she was able to stay true to herself, and keep up with her rapidly changing world. It also gave her a creative outlet, and currently is her career (as a food critic).

How do you think food kept Ruth Reichl grounded? What in life keeps you grounded?

~Julia and Margaret

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