Memories Through Food

Hey everyone,

Food is an important element of culture and element in you life. Is there a story that you would be able to tell like Ruth Reichl?

Julia: This might not necessarily be a story, but every time my mom makes her stuffing from scratch (family recipe) or stuffed mushrooms(another family recipe), it makes me think of Thanksgiving. Every year, my mom makes her homemade stuffing and has to fight my brother and I from eating it all before the dish is even done. The smell of it wafts through the house, torturing my family as we eagerly wait until Thanksgiving day when we can devour it. One Thanksgiving, my family went to see my relatives in Georgia for Thanksgiving. These relatives I had not seen for the longest time, and I was so sad to leave. On Thanksgiving, my mom couldn’t make her stuffing since my grandma was making her secret recipe. Instead of making stuffing, my mom made her stuffed mushrooms. This was the first time I had tried one, and I was blown away. Now whenever we have to bring an appetizer, I ask my mom for stuffed mushrooms and remember my time in Georgia.


When I lived in St. Louis, my family and I loved Maggie Moo’s, an ice cream shop that served classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mint. During the sweltering hot summer, when every family seemed to live at the pool, going off the diving board was becoming popular with my friends. I was only four at the time, and the diving board was small, but to me was also a little frightening. After watching my friends cannibal into the water time after time, I decided I could do it. I waiting anxiously in the line, the ladder becoming closer and closer, until my feet were standing on the blue board. Yet in that moment I wasn’t afraid, I was excited and I jumped into the cold water, smiling. As a treat my parents took me to Maggie Moo’s where I happily and messily ate vanilla ice cream to celebrate. Just last summer I went back to St. Louis with my family, and we stopped at Maggie Moo’s. I was transported back to my childhood, and all the joy I got out of trying something new.

What are your memories with food?

~Julia and Margaret

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