More Poetry!


We decided to write some of our own poetry inspired by Naomi Shibab Nye, explaining some of our own culture. Please tell us your thoughts, as well as post some of your own poetry.


How to Dream

Three years old,
My parents try to inspire me.
“Dream Big,”
“It’s America, anything can happen.”
But it’s all the unfulfilled promises.
The roads paved with cement instead of gold,
Working hard and barely paying the bills.
The gut-wrenching disappoint
When you look to the world,
Wanting to change it,
But instead your knees quivering,
Your voice shakes,
Just to say hello.
As you feel
Just like that little kid again.

Margaret: Melting Pot

we are a beautiful mix
of colors,
a melting pot
uniting us
with one dream

~Julia and Margaret

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