Tender at the Bone: review

Hey readers,

What were your thoughts on Tender at the Bone? What type of review would you have given it? Here are our reviews.


I gave Tender at the Bone five stars because I truly enjoyed this book. From the second I started reading, I couldn’t put this book down.  Hearing about her life through food really inspired me. Her humor was great and her voice made the book instantly likeable. I really like this book!


Two five star reviews, I hope that gives you a push to read this book, if not I don’t know what will? It is a truly amazing book, that weaves together excellent storytelling, humor, heartache, and most importantly food. While her life has been nothing  like mine, I could still relate to her, because she has a very honest and real writing style.

We hope you enjoyed the book as much as we obviously did!

~Julia and Margaret

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