One Poem

Hey Readers,

If you could capture Between Shades of Gray in one poem starting with “People say Hope is Gone,” what would it be? This is our final prompt. Be free to share your poetry and thoughts on ours.

Julia: But We Still Live

People say hope is gone,

Home so far away,

Father is taken,

And Life as we knew it is gone.


But we still live,

If torture is considered living,

Slaving away,

Night and day.


But we still live,

Barely scraping by,

Seeing people die,

Day after day.


But yet we still live,

One movement ending our life,

But yet the Soviets refrain.

They’d rather see us tortured then dead.


But yet we still live,

So hope must be alive.

While we live,

Hope lives,



People say hope is gone

There is no light

Darkness surrounds 

Shadows threaten to strangle us

Its like the sun has forgotten to shine

Has forgotten about us

But as long as my hand clutches my pencil

I feel hope

~Julia and Margaret

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